// Sam Wish Product How To's

I get questions quite frequently about how to use certain products of mine. So I thought that I would put everything in one easy-to-find place where everyone can see them! Here are (most of) my products and the different ways I (and you can) use them:

// Bath Soaks 

- Instructions on bottle: Pour 1-2 cups into warm bath.

- I like my baths to be quite warm so I usually start by filling up my bathtub with warm-hot water. When it reaches about 1/4 to 1/2 way up, I'll slowly start pouring in my bath soak, evenly distributing it throughout the bath and giving it a quick stir so that the salts can start dissolving (sitting on a bunch of salt rocks is no fun!). If you'd like to preserve the scent more (heat from the hot water *can* decrease the scent somewhat), you can wait until the bath is filled up all the way before pouring your soak in.

- As for the amount of bath soak to use, that kind of depends on your preference. If you want to stretch your bath soak, you can use only part of it. It will be more effective to use at least 4-8 oz but it is definitely not necessary. I usually use about 8-16 oz per bath, but that's just me. I don't get to enjoy a bath very often so when I do, I like to go all out! It's completely up to you though and whatever you prefer or feel comfortable with is beautiful. Comfort is defintiely the goal here.

- Soak for about 20 minutes (more or less is fine, I tend to lean towards more), making sure to keep hydrated!! Salts have a tendency to dehydrate you as they are pulling toxins out so it is very important to keep drinking water before, during, and after your bath.

- After you're done soaking, it is best to rinse/clean off in the shower to remove any toxins that may be hanging out on your skin. We don't want them to get sucked back in, that would defeat the whole purpose in the first place! And this also gives you a chance to quickly clean all of the residue or flowers left in your tub after you've drained it.

- *Also* If you have problems with the soak clogging your drain, I recommend scooping out the flowers or tea before draining your tub!! Or you can use a tub strainer so that they don't end up going down the drain. At my last house, I never had to worry about this but at my new apartment, it seems like I can't take a bath without clogging my drains! So that is something to be aware of.

- If you're feeling really adventurous, you can try mixing the bath soaks! Sometimes I can't decide on just one so I'll use two together! Like the Floral Tea & Hippy Detox, for example, they make a beautiful combination. I would advise against using the Mud Bath with another one though because bentonite is more effective without a bunch of additives.

// Sugar Scrubs

- This one is pretty straight forward. You basically just open up the jar, scoop a little out, and rub it onto your skin. I start with less and use a cicular motion to distribute and exfoliate. Be sure not to rub too hard, we don't want to cause any damage!! Then just rinse off the sugar and let the coconut oil soak into your gorgeous skin.

- You can use this when you are washing your hands, in the bath, or in the shower. I personally like to use it in the shower and then wash with soap after it's soaked in to remove any extra coconut oil.

- A word of caution: this can make your bath or shower floors oily and slippery so be careful!

- Also, avoid getting water in the jar as much as possible as this can encourage the growth of bacteria in your sugar scrub and we do not want that to happen!!

// Face Serum

- I personally like to rub the face serum onto clean fingers and then rub it on my face. I like to think this avoids introducing bacteria to my roll on and spoiling my face serum! But you can definitely just rub it directly onto your face. Be sure to discontinue use if you notice it going bad (ie, smelling or looking a bit off).

// Healing Scents & Oil Blends 

- Where do I put/rub these Sam?! That's a question I get ALL the time. Here is my answer:

Well it depends. So let's start with the most straight-forward.

- Sinus Relief Blend. This one you want to rub on the bridge of your nose and just under your nose so you can get a good whiff of it! Be careful not to get this one in your eyes!!!! You can also rub it on your chest and neck to help you breathe a bit. AND you can rub it on your temples or third eye for head congestions and headaches. Again, DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR EYES. It will not physically damage your eyes but it will burn like heck! If this does happen, *don't use water* to try and flush it out. This will only help it spread (imagine oil on the surface of water). Instead, use a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil to help dilute it and get it out.

- Get Un-Sick Stick. You want to rub this on the bottom of your feet and let me tell you why. This is the second fastest area for your skin to absorb oils because the pores are so big. You want it to get straight into your blood stream to kill bacteria and viruses, and this is the best way to do it! Also, it has Oregano Essential Oil in it which is considered a "hot" oil and because the soles of your feet are less sensitive, it's rarely a problem but it will, however, sting the skin if used anywhere else. Also, this is great for reflexology if you are into that. So, bottom of the feet and that is it!

- Boo Boo Stick. You want to rub this either directly onto the area you need it OR rub it onto your finger first and then apply. It kind of depends for me how I apply this one. If it's over a large, closed wound, like maybe a bruise, I would apply it directly to my skin. But for open or sensitive wounds, like maybe a scraped knee, I would apply it to my finger first and then carefully to the wound.

- P.M.S. Oil Blend. For this oil, it would depend on your symptoms as to where you would apply it. If you're experiencing cramps, I would apply the oil to your lower abdomen, over your uterus (or you know, just the closest place to the pain). For anxiety, balancing hormones, and for a little extra calm, there are a few places I like to apply it: your heart, your temples, your third eye, behind your ears, on your neck (front and back), and your wrists.

- Healing Scents. Inhalation is the most effective option. To do this you can- directly smell from the bottle, rub a little of the oil beneath your nose, rub the oil blend onto your hand, cup around your nose, and inhale it, or simply wear the oil around your face such as on your neck or behind your ears to catch whiffs throughout the day.

-Wearing oils as a perfume can offer emotional support and possibly even physical support. Some quick absorption areas are behind the ears and on the wrists. For tension relief, wear healing scents on the neck, forehead, or temple. To transform mood and balance emotions, wear on the base of your skull. You can also try auricular therapy, a method of applying oils (like reflexology) to the rims of the ears for emotional clearing.

-When I wear the healing scents, I typically wear them on my wrists, my neck, my heart, behind my ears, and sometimes on my temple and third eye if I feel I need an extra boost.

-Tip: Massage the area first to increase circulation and increase absorption.

// Healing Salve 

- This is an all-purpose salve that can be used pretty much anywhere. I like to use it for cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, bites, chapped lips, acne blemishes, etc. 

// Beard Oil

-Place a few drops of oil into your hand, rub hands together, and apply evenly to beard.


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