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// New Product: Luna Rose Sugar Scrub

Announciiiiiiiiing the Luna Rose Sugar Scrub!! So I originally wanted to make this for Valentine's Day but then life happened and I ran out of time and before I knew it, Valentine's Day had already came and went! But I still wanted to make this scrub because it turned out beautifully and decided that I might as well make it a permanent part of the line! It's basically the scrub version of my Valentine's Day bath soak- Love potion.

It has the pink clay, the enchant healing scent, the gorgeous combination of rose petals, cornflowers, and calendula, mixed in with my signature cane sugar and coconut oil sugar scrub base. I love it. And I hope you love it too! Here's some more info:

// Luna Rose Sugar Scrub

A beautiful, sensual scrub mixed with coconut oil and rose clay, sprinkled with calendula, rose petals, and cornflowers, and then finished off with my most popular, Enchant Healing Scent. It's luscious, alluring, and delightful all wrapped in one!


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